Counseling To individuals In Bradford

​​What Clients Say:

“You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for the guidance and insight you bring to my life.”

 LL, Bradford, Ontario

“I would be very fortunate indeed if my mother was like you. You have, over the years, managed to close many wounds that my mother had inflicted. You have given me gentle guidance. You gave me the permission to protect myself from abuse by giving me back my sense of self-preservation. You have a good and kind heart. Your patient is cured.”

RL, Hearst, Ontario


I salute your courage as you come here looking for the help that will make a difference right now. In my work with individuals, couples and families, I see beyond the problems. I see people wanting to change, wanting to be better human beings, wanting to form more fulfilling connections, wanting to create happier families. I hear people wanting to remove the barriers that keep them from providing more for their loved ones on every level. 

Here’s how I can help .....

I will support and inspire you to expand your field of awareness, both of self and others. It will be through this new-found awareness that you will connect with the powerhouse of creativity within you. And with the energy of that creativity, you will make the changes your current difficulties demand. Our every interaction is designed to restore you, your relationship or your family to a state of wholeness.  I pledge to respond to you with compassion, gentleness, patience and insight. 

Think of me as your travelling companion - a guide along a perilous stretch of the road.

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Tel.    905 775 7979


office address​:
58 Russel Drive
Bradford, Ontario

L3Z 0M9

Linda Warman MSW RSW​​​

​​​​​Registered Social Worker

Counselling • Psychotherapy for Relationships • Individuals • Families


Covered by ALL extended healthcare insurance plans

Providing counselling:

  • In-person
  • by phone
  • by Skype
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