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Linda Warman MSW RSW​​​

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Counselling • Psychotherapy for Relationships • Individuals • Families

What is holistic psychotherapy?
Holistic psychotherapy is a powerful healing art.

It derives its power from the transpersonal psychologies and from psycho-spiritual approaches to wellness such as yoga and Zen Buddhism. Holistic psychotherapy therefore is a dynamic melding of the most enlightened psychologies of the West with the greatest wisdom traditions of the East.

Holistic Psychotherapy and Spiritual Awakening
This mode of therapy concerns itself with personal transformation, spiritual awakening and self-actualization.

It will increase your field of awareness both of self and other, an awareness that will be characterized by gentleness, compassion and non-judgment.

Your holistic psychotherapist will support you in coming to purpose and in finding meaning in the story of your life. You will suffer less as a result of this form of treatment, for example, less anxiety and a lifting of depression.

Higher States of Self-Integration
And beyond this, holistic psychotherapy will lead a true seeker towards higher states of self-integration and an unprecedented sense of wholeness.

Yet it refuses to treat symptoms alone. Instead this form of therapy takes its principal aim at the causes of those symptoms. In so doing, the holistic practitioner looks at the whole person picture - you as mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being.

Holistic Psychotherapy Promotes Healing That Lasts
In seeking cause and in whole person treatments, holistic psychotherapy produces healing that lasts.

Holism incorporates the belief that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. You may, after a time with this approach, wonder at your accomplishments, feeling grateful that you attained them yet awestruck about how you got there. 

In Ways Unforeseen
A holistic psychotherapist believes therefore that when you seek help, it can come from unexpected quarters; that the mere act of asking for help will engage the healing forces in the universe and promote that healing in ways unforeseen both by you and your therapist.

In the end, this approach will help you place your own personal suffering into a larger, oftentimes political context, thereby revealing its societal, even its global, underpinnings.

Guiding Principles

  • What remains unconscious maintains the power to sabotage, control and bedevil us.
  • Every hurtful act is a cry for help and healing

          This thinking was the brainchild of Marianne Williamson

  • Sound mental, spiritual, emotional health is built upon a foundation of sound physical health
  • ​The work we do together will be as good as the relationship that grows up between us.​